Changing the Face – Changing Our Attitudes

Jocelyn bought Julia a new t-shirt early last month, and we are hoping to be a part of a movement that is happening.

As you may know by now, our daughter has Down syndrome; and this little girl has really opened our eyes, not only to the number of differently-abled people there are in this world, but to the richness and beauty they bring.

The interesting thing is, that statistically significant number is not reflected in advertisement and editorial media. If a person were going by only the print and online images that most people see, you might be hard pressed to convince them that people like Julia and the scores of other people with different abilities that we have met even exist.

But there is a movement to change that. Changing the Face of Beauty is an organization encouraging the advertising industry to include people of all abilities in their media campaigns.

They believe (and I agree) that there is beauty in every face…

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Changing the Face – Changing Our Attitudes