A quick photo session for a brave little guy.

Things have been a little crazy in the Cook household the last couple of weeks! Jocelyn was put on bed rest and then our daughter Julia came three weeks early! You can see the whole story on my personal blog. Julia’s been in Neonatal Intensive Care for the past ten days and progressing well – as is my beautiful wife!

It’s amazing how kinships between parents of NICU kids happen so easily. All we need is a knowing glance between fathers and a connection is made that may last but for a minute of shared concern or triumph, but its effects will echo on.

One couple Jocelyn and I have fallen in love with are Matt and Sheila and their little boy, Logan. He’s been in the NICU since his birth in July.

Matt and Sheila asked us on our first day in the NICU whether we were considering getting a photographer to come in and take Julia’s portrait. They had suffered from a little sticker shock when they looked at the different portrait packages and were a little concerned that the invitations for the baby shower they were finally getting around to were going to be out of their price range.

We sat for a bit and I heard their story; and considering the rough couple of months they had experienced, I couldn’t refuse a quick photo session.

Be thinking some good thoughts for this little guy. He has a long way to go, but his spirit – and those of his parents – is strong.


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