Headshot Session for Clean Sweep CEO

Headshot fun with one of my favorite entrepreneurs!

Had a great time a few weeks ago doing a headshot session with Jen. She’s the creative and entrepreneurial force behind Clean Sweep Consulting and is getting her website off the ground in the next few weeks. You may remember Jen from a previous post where I shot her daughter’s sixth grade graduation. The shot was pretty straightforward – softbox high and camera right with a card on the left – along with a wide open aperture to throw the background out of focus. We also did an inside shot with one of the go-to tools of the trade for personal organizers: the Stay/Go Box!

You gotta have something for your Facebook page as well! It was actually here that I perfected the high-key background with a couple of speedlights on a white wall.

Jen is a fantastic resource for those of us who have a hard time paring down and organizing our stuff – she was a Godsend when Jocelyn and I were merging our households! If you can use her services, shoot me a comment and I’ll send you her digits.

Headshot Session for Clean Sweep CEO

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