Four Greek Women

Meet some of my adopted family in Greece…

Hey – been a long time! Preparations for a long-awaited trip to Greece and the U.K. got in the way of posting anything. So I wanted to introduce you to my adopted Greek family (through Antonis, my brother-in-law). Melina is his sister and is going through chemotherapy for cancer and sadly had to cut her visit short for another course of treatment. Besides the hair loss, she is just as strong and self-assured as the day I met her.

Her daughters had joined her for some time with the family, so I pulled out the camera and we had a quick photo shoot right out on the patio of my sister’s summer home on the Aegean island of Skiathos – talk about an exotic location! Harula is a pharmacist, Anthoula is a nurse and Dimitra just finished her studies to be a teacher. Their brother, Dimitri, was there along with several others, but they will be featured in a couple of days.

I love the strength of their youth – coupled with the strength that can be derived from a life well lived. The future of Greece is assured if these women are any indication!

We have a couple more days in Greece (okay, okay, I’ll post some pictures of the sights as well – stay tuned!) and then we are headed to the U.K. for a long weekend of reconnection with some dear friends we’ve not seen in a long time. More to come!

Four Greek Women

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  1. I am moved by how much of the real character and personality of these women, my family by marriage whom I have known and loved for years, comes through in these shots. They obviously know they are posing for portraits, yes, but somehow you’ve managed to pull out their real essence. Magic!

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