Dayton Baby Shower (Ours!)

A great Dayton love fest for my little family!

We had the chance to bathe in the love of Jocelyn’s tribe this weekend. Her family and friends threw us a great baby shower – the first of two over the next week.

A marvelous meal was set by our adopted aunt, Judith, and it was a great time for three generations. Too bad there was a typo on my daughter Julia’s cake!

It was a great time – although I have to admit I needed to back off in the face of the feminine mosh pit and go bowling with my nephews! But it was really, really great to see Jocelyn being loved on by so many.

One of my favorite pictures of the event is below. Nancy (my mother-in-law) and her two daughters – Jennifer and Jocelyn (my sweetie).

Dayton Baby Shower (Ours!)

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