Boys in High Key

Had some fun on vacation with some speedlights and a Westcott Apollo softbox that my dad carried halfway across the world. Hit the jump and check them out!

Spent some time on vacation playing with a new Westcott Softbox. I slaved two speedlights against a white wall and created at quick and dirty high key studio in one of the bedrooms of my sister’s summer house. I needed some willing volunteers and found them in my nephews and the friends staying with them while we were in Greece. Alex is my eldest nephew and is obviously very comfortable in front of the camera! Enjoy!

I wanted to capture some of the highjinks between Alex, his brother Andreas and my brother-in-law that is an absolute stitch when we’re together, but Antonis just wasn’t into it that day!

Dimitri is the son of Melina, featured in my last post. He has a fantastic on camera personality and could be a great spokesmodel for Apple.

Boys in High Key

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